Position Statements and Section 7 Reports

Represent yourself in the family court and do yourself justice



What We Will Cover In This Free Online Workshop...

  • The Typical Court Process

    What happens during court cases involving children, including what investigations might take place, how many hearings there may be, and what you need to prepare.  

  • Position Statements


    What they are, how they can influence your case and how to write a good one, including how to structure it and the crucial information you need to include. 

  • Section 7 Reports

    Who prepares them, what information they contain and how you can prepare to be interviewed and present yourself in the best light. 

    • Simon Walland of Simon Walland Family Law

      YOUR HOST: Simon Walland


      You're going through a hard time right now. I understand as I've been in your shoes. You're worried about messing things up by representing yourself in court, but you can't afford a solicitor.


      In 2001 when I was granted just one hour a month to see my two sons after separating from my wife. I wasn't willing to accept that, and I got myself clued up on the law and decided to represent myself. 


      It was a bumpy ride, and a steep learning curve, but after several hearings I was able to gain more contact with my sons. The experience inspired me to support others in court who were going through the same thing, first as a McKenzie Friend and then as a trained barrister. 


      Now, I've condensed all my knowledge and experience from 18 years in the Family Court into my lectures and courses, so you can walk out of that courtroom confident that you've successfully represented yourself and tried your best. 


      You can do this, and I'll be with you every step of the way. 


      Be prepared. Be Ready. Be confident. 



    Great tutor and some fantastic material in his courses. Highly recommended.

    Very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    I can't thank you enough Simon. I like how you bring clarity to the situation as I can never see the wood for the trees. 

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